We're all sitting on the couch way too much lately. so it never hurts to try to keep our minds sharp during these times. So, let's see if you're Sharper Than Shannon today,Asbury Park style.

We quizzed Shannon this morning as we welcome her as the new co-host of the morning show, and she did very well with these questions. Of course she did, she's a Jersey Girl! We wouldn't expect anything less!

Now we want to give you a try at the same questions we gave her. Here they are, and they all focus in on Asbury Park. Let's see how you do...

Question #1...

Convention Hall was designed by the same architect who worked on...

(A) Garden State Parkway

(B) Grand Central Terminal

(c) Matt Ryan's Mansion


Question #2...

James Bradley paid how much for the land that would become Asbury Park in 1871?

(A) $90,000,000

(B) $90,000

(C) $9,000,000


Question #3...

Convention Hall and the Casino Building were introduced in what year?

(A) 1776

(B) 1876

(C) 1929

So, how do you think you did? Of course, you'd need two right to pass this little quiz. For the record, our Shannon aced it. 100% on the first "Sharper Than Shannon". So, who's Sharper Than Shannon? So far nobody.

But please remember Shannon wants your help, because she want's to keep her winning streak going.If you want to help Shannon with Sharper Than Shannon, just get ready to call us at (732) 643-0943 at 7:00 tomorrow morning!

Or you can always reach out to us on our 94.3 The Point App. If you don't have it, download it now! Thanks, we can't wait to hear from you!

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