It's another weekend at the Jersey Shore and another chance to celebrate Asbury Park, and that means another round of Asbury Park Trivia.

There are so many great things to learn about Asbury Park, and we have been quizzing you all summer long. And this week we're going to challenge you with another 3 great questions about the city we are falling more in love with each week.

This round of Asbury Park Trivia will focus on historic dates and names for the town throughout it's amazing past. So, let's get it started. Here are the Asbury Park Trivia questions for the week...

Question # 1 He was born in Asbury Park in 1895 and would make millions laugh. Who is he? Hint...He had a a partner.

Question #2 In 1903, a group of Asbury Park doctors started something in neighboring Neptune that would turn out to be a big deal. What was it?

Question #3 Many Asbury Park streets are named after prominent 19th century figures who all had the same calling. What was it?

Our panel of experts (consisting of me...quite the panel) have determined that if you can get two right in this week's quiz, then you are an Asbury Park genius, and of course, you'd be a super genius if you got all three right.

Of course, none of those accolades apply if you took the easy way and Googled any of them. You know who you are. Actually, if you took the time to look up the answers, you should get some credit for effort.

So, there they are, this week's Asbury Park Trivia questions. We'll have the official correct answers soon. Good luck!

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