If there has ever been a year Mom deserves a special day, it's this year. So, we are proud to present something called Mom-O-Ween.

Yes, it's a totally made up holiday, but it's all for the woman who sacrifices everything for us each and every day. She is the woman that does all the things she's always done before, and now add teacher, babysitter and all the other things the pandemic has added to the list, and you have someone who deserves just a few minutes of our time to show our gratitude.

It's really just our way of giving the kids a chance to hear themselves on the air and have Moms hear their names and how much they are appreciated. We have a real easy way for you to help the kids get their Mom-O-Ween shout outs on the air.

You just have to gather the kids, open the 94.3 The Point App and we have a super simple way for you to get their messages to us, so we can play them on the air.  Just check out the video below for easy instructions

Open up that app and have the kids (of any age) record their message and send it to us. Here's an example...

"Hi, it's Becca from Brick and I want to wish my Mom a happy Mom-O-Ween. She does so much for the whole family and we love her. Happy Mom-O-Ween Mom"!!

We think one day a year for Mom is just not enough, so let's give her another special day. And you can record and submit your Mom-O-Ween messages any time of the day or night, I'll get them all. Just label it it Mom-O-Ween. We can't wait to hear from you!

We'll be playing them throughout the morning show all next week, so get them in soon!

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