When it comes to Halloween treats, you've probably heard of Reese's Pumpkins and Bats, those Pillsbury Cookies with the ghosts on them, and obviously candy corn. But, have you heard of Orange Glitter Syrup?

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You read that right! Orange. Glitter. Syrup. The arts and crafts supply that we want most out of our house because it gets EVERYWHERE is now available in food (don't worry, it's edible). Walmart is selling the sparkly orange breakfast treat under its Great Value brand. I first heard the news from Delish.com who also shared that the Instagram account, @dadbodsnacks tried the Orange Glitter Syrup - check out the review below!

How are you feeling about this Orange Glitter Syrup? My first thought is - oh no. But then I realize I'm an adult, and this is probably way more fun for the kids. I feel like 7-year-old Diana eating Pancakes in a Princess costume would have loved Glitter Syrup. Plus, I feel like it won't be as messy as regular glitter, because it's contained in the syrup. The only mess parents need to worry about is the stickiness. And, if it gets your kids to eat breakfast quietly, then maybe it's not such a bad thing.

Diana Tyler
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