Today is a very special day in my life, It's my 13th wedding anniversary with my beautiful wife Diane. We were married on this date in 2007.

So, for all of you who bet on the 'under', I guess it's time to pay up lol! It's hard to believe that awesome day at The Grenville in Bay Head. It was a wonderful day. Even Liz was there. She swears I invited her, but I just can't remember.

All kidding aside, it's time for me to share my annual anniversary poem to Diane with you. Here we go. I hope she enjoys this and you do, too...

You had the world in your hands

Since you're a vision straight from heaven.

You could have had the lemonade,

Instead you chose this lemon.


Your friends were perplexed,

Even Liz couldn't come to terms.

Instead of a prince or a rock star,

You got the guy afraid of planes, heights and germs.


You easily could have had a 10,

Some royalty to fill your soul.

Now you're forever stuck

With the king of the remote control.


I can't explain the reasons,

You made the choice you did.

But one thing is for sure.

It made me one lucky kid.


I've never made 13 years before,

I've actually never even made 3.

But the best thing I've ever had, 

Is a thing called you and me.


There it is. This year's anniversary poem to my beautiful wife Diane. Love you! And here's to another year of hoping you don't decide to trade up!

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