Each week we celebrate the incredible history of Asbury Park by playing the Asbury Park Trivia game. This week the spotlight is on Asbury Park - By The Numbers.

We are going to give you a series of numbers which are all associated with the rich history of Asbury Park, and of course, in case the number isn't enough, we'll be providing you an additional clue to help you navigate toward the correct answer.

We also present to you our weekly plea to try to get these answers without the help of your friendly neighborhood search engine. Anyone can look it up, but only the true Asbury Park lover can get the answers without help. Good luck. Here are the numbers and the clues...

90,000. It's an amount of money, and it would be a lot more in today's dollars. This one takes us back to the very beginnings.

1880. It's obviously a year, and it's an important one because Asbury Park got a legendary place and met a legendary friend in the process that year.

600,000. No, it's not a tax bill or the amount of people on line at Motor Vehicle, but it does represent a number of people in the history of Asbury Park. Bonus Clue...this number would only go that high during the summer.

500. This one is a measurement. It's actually a number of acres that has a big place in Asbury Park history.

There it is, Asbury Park by the numbers. And remember, the only credit you get is for the answers you got on your own. But since you're on the honor system, you can pretty much give yourself credit for whatever you want to.

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