We are enjoying an extended summer in some Jersey Shore towns this year and it is Local Summer for all of us, as we hang on to summer with both hands.

But let's remember there are some positive things about summer winding down here at the Jersey Shore. So to make us all summer lovers feel better, let's spend a minute thinking about the good things about summer's eventual end.

Bathing Suit Season Is Almost Over... Every year bathing suit season is a harrowing time, but this year the "quarantine 15" (which by the way, at least for me,  I think is a low estimate) has made it even more difficult to deal with. Break out the loose sweaters. please!

Heat, Humidity and Masks Are Not a Good Combination. It's bad enough to try to slink our way through the head and humidity of a Jersey Shore summer with a sweaty face and a wet shirt, but now you slap a mask on top of all that, and you can get sick of all that pretty quickly.

One Season Closer to 2021. I don't want to seem negative here, but 2020 hasn't been the easiest of years in case you hadn't noticed. Just a quick recap...pandemic, tornadoes, tropical storms, blackout, earthquake and oh yeah, aren't the giant bees supposed to be coming, too?

The Regular Stuff...you know, the traffic, the parking spots the lines and everything we used to complain about each summer. What we wouldn't give for those to be our biggest issues in 2020, right?

Nothing will really make the true Jersey Shore summer lover about the end of their favorite season, especially one that was far from complete. So, grab a pumpkin spice latte and let's enjoy this extended summer, and we'll take it from there.

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