I know summer isn't over yet. Not by a long shot. We still have basically the whole month left, and for many of us "Local Summer" is the best summer of all. But the pumpkin spice is flowing, and we all know fall isn't far away, so let's be ready when it gets here. It's time to unveil New Jersey's top autumn destination.

Unsplash, Timothy Eberly
Unsplash, Timothy Eberly

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One list of the best autumn destination in each state has been released. Let's see if you agree with the decision of Travel Pulse about their choice for the Garden State. They chose the quaint town of Clinton.

You now I love to stick up for the Jersey Shore and it's awesome destinations, and I will do exactly that in just a minute. But I do want to give Clinton it's fair due. It's a pretty awesome place in the fall.

Now to some places closer to home you don't want to miss this fall. And there are plenty more. Please share your favorites with us and we'll make a second edition list!

Great Local Fall Destinations


These are just a few great examples of some awesome area fall destinations. Enjoy them all, and stay close to home at the same time.

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