We kicked off the weekend with a special edition of Asbury Park Trivia. This time around it was the Asbury Park Trivia By The Numbers, and we want to let you know how you did.

We compiled some numbers that were very meaningful to the history of Asbury Park. and we gave you accompanying clues to help you on your way to the correct answers. If you didn't get a chance to play, we'll recap the questions first before we give you the answers.

Here are the Asbury Park By The Numbers Trivia Questions...

90,000. It's an amount of money, and it would be a lot more in today's dollars. This one takes us back to the very beginnings.

1880. It's obviously a year, and it's an important one because Asbury Park got a legendary place and met a legendary friend in the process that year.

600,000. No, it's not a tax bill or the amount of people on line at Motor Vehicle, but it does represent a number of people in the history of Asbury Park. Bonus Clue...this number would only go that high during the summer.

500. This one is a measurement. It's actually a number of acres that has a big place in Asbury Park history.

Some clues are easier than others, but we bet you got a few of them right. So, here are the answers to the questions...

90,000 was the amount of money James A. Bradley paid for the land that is now Asbury Park in 1871. In today's dollars, that would be $1,901,781.00.

1880 was the year George Tilyou showed up with his steeplechase amusements and the first Asbury Park appearance of Tilly.

600.000 represented the number of visitors Asbury Park would get each summer in the city's early years.

500 represents the number of acres of oceanfront land James A. Bradley purchased that was the beginnings of the city we all love so much today.

We got these fact at the Asbury Park Historical Society website, and they have a ton of great stuff about Asbury Park there. Good job on the quiz this week.

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