If you took a shot at this week's Asbury Park Trivia, then you want to see just how well you did, and it's time to find out.

There are so many amazing things to know about Asbury Park, and we're glad to provide a fun way to learn them or confirm you already knew them. That's why we do our weekly Asbury Park Trivia.

If you didn't get a chance to play, we'll give it to you now. Here are the questions...

Question # 1 He was born in Asbury Park in 1895 and would make millions laugh. Who is he? Hint...He had a a partner.

Question #2 In 1903, a group of Asbury Park doctors started something in neighboring Neptune that would turn out to be a big deal. What was it?

Question #3 Many Asbury Park streets are named after prominent 19th century figures who all had the same calling. What was it?

We have already said that if you could get two today you're an Asbury Park genius, and a super-genius if you can get all three. Let's see how you did. Here are the answers...

Answer #1...The great comedian Lou Costello, who for years delighted crowds with his partner Bud Abbott. Who could forget "Who's On First"?

Answer #2 What those Asbury Park doctors started in Neptune we now know as Jersey Shore University Medical Center.

Answer #3 Some of Asbury Park's street names are in tribute to Methodist ministers. The city is named after Francis Asbury, the first America bishop of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

So, how's do do. Hope you passed the test, and we'll have more next week with our new Asbury Park Trivia Quiz. There's more about Asbury Park at the U-S-History website.

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