It's not winning the lottery but it may be the next best thing for 3 New Jersey residents. They each won a Lifetime Pasta Pass from Olive Garden. Yum.

They were among 50 people to win these new lifetime passes, which allows them a unlimited pasta, soup, salad, and those amazing breadsticks. Can you imagine?

Here's how it worked. They were each one of the first 50 people to snag this year's $100 Never Ending Pasta Pass, so they were then given the option to upgrade to a Lifetime Pasta Pass for $500, which will be paid off after about 45 bowls of pasta. At first that sounded like a lot, but, if you go once a week, it'll be paid off in less than a year, and then they've got a lifetime of free pasta to go. Wow. Why don't these things happen to me? Lol.

The NJ winners weren't from around here. I was hoping it would be a friend, willing to share. Lol. They're from Little Falls, Jersey City and Union Township, according to Olive Garden spokeswoman, Meagan Bernstein.

What do they say in Italian? Mangia bene. Eat well.