I'm a weather nerd. I will pull my car over to take a cool picture of the sky.

Days like today really bring out my inner geek.

I'll sit and watch the radar on the computer while watching the trees to see when the wind starts changing.

Approaching clouds are a little TOO exciting on days like today. Is it just another pretty, puffy cumulus cloud? Is it a cumulonimbus -- thunderhead?? Told you, I'm a geek. (I was originally a meteorology major at Penn State, but, well, calculus is just no friend of mine.)

What you really need to know:

There's a Severe Thunderstorm Watch in effect until 9 p.m. for Monmouth and Ocean Counties. That means current conditions make storms likely for our area.

Of course it's important to remember that storms are no joke. Lightning is VERY dangerous and at the first sign of lightning, thunder, or a storm, you should head for shelter.

You can still relish in watching the storm from a safe place though. I know I will. (And plus, it should cool us off for a while!)

Do you think thunderstorms are exciting to watch? Share your thoughts below!

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