The Summertime is the season for singles to mingle in the sun!

And what is one of the most obvious part of dating? Physical attraction.

Well, TikToker @T.Sniezek put together a very simple video that might help you on your dating search.

Hs premise is simple: here are the top 10 states where he thought the most attractive people lived.

Where should you head this Memorial Day Weekend to find the single of your dreams?

Here is your answer:

10. Arizona

9. Alaska

8. Rhode Island

7. Connecticut

6. Colorado

5. New York (HA!!)

4. Massachusetts

3. California

2. Hawaii

And Number 1:


Don't believe me? Here is the TikTok so you can see for yourself:

There are some things about these rankings that surprise me.

First: New York is number 5!! HA!!

I like that people are finally starting to realize that New Jersey is better than New York in so many ways. We also just recently ranked as the #1 best state to live in.... SO TAKE THAT! 

I am personally surprised that California wasn't ranked higher. But then again....if Botox isn't your flavor, I get it.

But I think I know why New Jersey was ranked as number one.

We have a bit of a melting pot vibe.

Because of that, there are SO many different types of people....different cultures, different ethnicities, different styles, different clothes, different food and therefore our standard of being beautiful is very different than other areas of the world.

I personally have been lucky enough to experience the beauty of a beach day, a Trinidadian festival, Spanish cuisine and so much more.

You know what's attractive? Being yourself no matter who you are or where you come from.

You know what's hot? Dressing how you want to dress.

And am I taking this to a new level? Yes.

But I am so grateful to have been born and raised in a state where I have been exposed to different types of people and I am sure that there is a hell of a lot more left to discover.

....and that, my friends, is truly beautiful.


Once you meet someone, here are some solid date ideas:

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