When it comes to New Jersey I think others from around the nation look at us as a "tiny" state. In comparison to many, New Jersey is a small state. I mean we are not the tiniest state...Rhode Island takes that title, but we are small.

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When you look at New Jersey's tiniest towns it gets even smaller, yes these towns are very tiny. It's interesting because three of the Top 10 tiny towns are right here at the Jersey Shore and all are in Monmouth County.


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We received our data from an article published by NJ.COM ... all about the "tiniest" towns in New Jersey.


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Lake Como: This Monmouth County Borough is number 10 on the TOP 10 "Tiniest Towns List". This tiny town used to be known as South Belmar. Lake Como was incorporated in 1924. Lake Como measures 0.25 square miles.


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Loch Arbour: The next "tiny town" from the Jersey Shore, at number three, is Monmouth County's - Loch Arbour. This town was incorporated in 1957.  Loch Arbour measures 0.11 square miles.


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Shrewsbury Township: The "Tiniest" town in New Jersey goes to Shrewsbury Township. This municipality was incorporated in 1798. Shrewsbury Township is NOT part of the bigger Shrewsbury Borough. The Township measures only .097 square miles.


So there you go the tiniest town at the Jersey Shore is Shrewsbury Township and not only is it the smallest at the Shore, it is the smallest town in all of New Jersey.


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