With many being cooped up in quarantine and restrictions being lifted at the Jersey Shore, I'm expecting more visitors to the Jersey Shore than usual.

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So, with the help of my friends over at Monmouth County News on Facebook, we put together a nice, concise list of tips and requests for visitors to the Jersey Shore.

First, let's take a look at what BENNY actually stands for. There are several variations of the origin, but the most popular explanation of the term 'BENNY' is an anagram of the train stations on the Jersey Shore line.

(B)anyone (oops, I spelled it incorrectly in the video. My bad.)
(N)ew (Y)ork

DISCLAIMER! I'm not opposed to bennies coming to our home. They provide much-needed revenue to keep our area running year-round. That being said, they also provide headaches and irritation to locals.

Oh, and by the way! Can we locals practice what we preach? There's nothing that annoys me more than residents bashing out-of-towners for "trashing our beaches" when there are people who live here and are just as disrespectful to our home as "outsiders."

What do you think of our video guide? Would you make any additions? Drop me an email and let me know! Matt.Ryan@townsquaremedia.com.

Look at this video of a resource for the BENNY, or any out-of-towner.

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