Homes at the Jersey Shore can sometimes take a beating with the frigid temperatures, snow, freezing precipitation and gusty winds.  Here are some tips to properly winterizing your home to help minimize stress and expensive repairs.  Be sure you check the plumbing.  Turn off the water supply to outdoor spigots and sprinkler systems to properly drain them.  Allow water to drip from interior faucets.  The steady drip may help prevent pipes from freezing, according to the American Red Cross.  Try to eliminate cold drafts in the house where pipes are exposed in unheated areas such as the attic, basement, garage and under kitchen and bathroom cabinets.  Keep the cabinet doors open so warmer air can circulate around the plumbing.  You can also wrap your pipes with foam insulation, which is inexpensive and simple to install.  Check with your local home improvement store.  You may also want to invest in draft snakes to help prevent cold air from entering your home from the bottom of exterior doors.  Caulk around windows, doors and walls to help prevent the cold air from coming into your home and raising your energy bill.  Also, ceiling fans on a low setting that rotate in a clockwise direction can produce warmer air.  Click HERE to learn about more ways you can winterize your home and be safe.

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