I have no explanation for wanting to see Titanic 3D. I have been spending years making fun of the movie. I mean how many times can you say 'Rose' in a  three hour movie? And why couldn't Rose slide over on that piece of wood and give poor Jack a chance? Despite all that, I have this odd desire to go through the whole thing all over again to see it in 3D. Most people however chose to see The Hunger Games again this weekend! 

The Hunger Games dominated again at the box office, pulling in another $33.5 million, American Reunion came in second with $21.5 million and Jack and Rose finished third with a little over $17 million.  

If I change my mind about Titanic , there are plenty of new choices this weekend at Mega Movies Stadium 13 at the East Brunswick Square Mall right on Route 18. Five college kids spend a weekend at The  Cabin In the Woods.  There's also the thriller Lockout, and the guys are certainly looking forward to The Three Stooges, who find themselves in a successful reality show.

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