In my eyes, Tom Hanks can do no wrong - even after cursing for all the world's tender young ears to hear this morning on live TV.

Hanks was on 'Good Morning America' to promote his new movie, Cloud Atlas.

(Sidebar: Let me say, I love GMA, and watch it every morning. Elizabeth Vargas is one of the fill-in anchors while Robin Roberts is on medical leave. I think she is an incredible journalist, but for some reason, she brings out the awkward in celebrity/fashion types. I almost expect it now.)

Tom Hanks Curses on GMA

Anyway, so Vargas is talking to him about the movie, in which he plays multiple characters, many with accents. She asks him to do the accent of the character in the clip they had just shown.

Hanks tells her, 'it's mostly swear words...' to which she says, 'well if you say it with an accent like that they wouldn't know it.'

He starts doing the accent, and drops an f-bomb...then IMMEDIATELY looks mortified, puts his hand over his mouth, and starts to apologize profusely. Vargas apologizes, they joke about implementing a 7-second-delay...and try to continue the interview.

Tom was clearly embarrassed by the gaffe, and while I was watching, I'll tell you that first I laughed, and then I felt bad for him.

Poor guy. You could tell he didn't mean to do it.

I really hope he doesn't get in trouble for that one. It was pretty hard to hear AND he just seems like such a good dude. If anything, this makes me like him a little more. He's a charmer, that Tom.

Are you offended by cursing on live TV? Share your comments below!

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