Okay kids....you asked for it.

Toms River has issued a curfew due to the growing number of complaints of rowdy minors in North Beach.

There has been over 150 calls in the last month alone and minors were reportedly, “congregating nightly in violation of social distancing and face mask restrictions and committing acts of vandalism and criminal mischief.”

“We understand the frustrations of the community during the pandemic and the lack of available activities, however, along with the destruction of property and unruly behavior, and due to the large groups congregating, it has become a health risk and is in direct defiance of the governor’s social distancing orders,” the spokeswoman said.Sounds like a curfew is well deserved in this case.

So now....freedoms are being taken away and here is how it will work:

If you are 17 years old and under, you are now allowed to be, "on a public street, walkway, alley, park, any public area or 'unimproved private property' in the North Beach area between 9:00 PM and 5:00 AM."

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There is an exception to this rule but kids, you are not gonna like it.

Teenagers are only allowed out and about in this area if they are accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

Now...just so there is no discrepancy..."the North Beach area includes the barrier island area of town north of the border of Lavallette and south of the border of Brick starting at Fifth Avenue." And that is according to the Toms River Police Department.

Sorry kids but don't do the time if you can't do the time.

I am sure once the number of calls go down, the curfew will be lifted but for now, it is in your best interest to abide by this rule or else the restrictions will only get worse.

You can take a more in-depth look at this story HERE.

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