You probably saw this news coming with the recent spike in COVID-19 cases.

Governor Phil Murphy said that he is not hopeful that the curfew currently set for indoor bars and restaurants will be lifted in time for New Year's Eve.

“I don’t want to burst peoples’ bubbles,” Murphy said during his latest coronavirus briefing in Trenton. “I don’t see it. And I know that does not make a lot of people happy.”

Currently in New Jersey, indoor food and alcohol sales are prohibited after 10:00 PM and individual municipalities even have the option to push their curfew up to as early as 8:00 PM for nonessential businesses.

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Personally, I have already come to terms with the fact that we will not be out and about at a bar or restaurant to celebrate New Years Eve this year.

Outdoor dining...however....may be the loophole if you REALLY need to go out for an adult beverage this holiday season.

Outdoor bars and restaurants have begun setting up outdoor tents and igloos and they can remain in place as long as CDC guidelines are followed.

The indoor capacity limit is currently set at 10 people and the outdoor capacity limit is up to 25 people. This probably won't change either.

“You gotta stay small for the holidays,” Murphy said. “We get through the next six weeks, I believe the worst will be behind us.”

I am sure you are wondering: "What about the COVID-19 vaccine?"

The vaccine should be available to the public by April or May of 2021 but for now, it is only for healthcare and frontline workers. Yes, this is a big step but don't count on getting a vaccine before the new year.

“Tomorrow is a big day, but we cannot claim any victory yet,” Murphy said. “Tomorrow is just the establishment of our beachhead. It’s going to take several more months of fighting.”

But you will like this. Governor Murphy is doing all he can to avoid another statewide shutdown.

But if I may....78% of the 3,300 people who were contacted by COVID-19 tracers would not comply. THIS KIND OF CRAP IS WHAT WILL KEEP THIS GOING PEOPLE.

Keep it small this holiday season. It sucks...I know.

BUT MY GOD....I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Let's not ruin it for ourselves.

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