It looks like outdoor igloos are going to be all the rage this upcoming Winter season.

Everyone expects to hear about Asbury Festhalle & Biergarten's outdoor igloos because it is an annual tradition.

However because of the restrictions set due to COVID-19, seating individual parties inside a contained outdoor igloo is the perfect winter-themed loophole we were waiting for.

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And other businesses are jumping on the bandwagon.

Manafirkin Brewing Company in Manahawkin has announced their outdoor igloos and reservations open up TODAY!

The igloos themselves do not open up until December 2nd but that is not that far away!

There will be five different igloos and each one can hold up to 8 people but they will be by reservation only. If you ask me, that is no surprise because a lot of businesses are by reservation-only so they can crowd control.

The idea is perfect. You can enjoy a lovely meal with family and friends while socially distancing yourself from others. Plus, you can escape the extreme weather conditions that are to come as winter approaches.

I wouldn't be surprised....and almost hope....that other businesses copy this idea to help keep themselves afloat.

Thank you to the intelligent and adorable Chris Varacchi of 105.7 The Hawk for this awesome story tip.

You should also keep an eye on Manafirkin Brewing Company's Facebook and Instagram to keep on top of the updates.

Now go make those reservations because I am sure they will fill up fast.

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