If you ever wished for your own bubble, it's probably now -- during a pandemic. So we're happy to see that it's the time of year for Igloos at Asbury Festhalle & Biergarten. What a way to dine and drink! Atmosphere and a view :)

How many times have you thought that if you could only live and dine in your own little bubble and never have to deal with the outside world, you'd be safe from Covid?

Well...it certainly gives the rooftop igloos at Asbury Festhalle and Biergarten a new meaning, now doesn't it?

I have always wanted to do this, but now it seems like a MUST TRY!

The igloos hold 4-8 of your friends (you won't have to share with strangers) and is heated. No blankets are given to you to borrow due to Covid but you can purchase a custom blanket if you want to. There is a 2-hour time limit.  And there is an elevator available to get to the roof if you need it.

Asbury Festhalle & Biergarten is proud to be the first truly authentic Austro-Hungarian beer garden on the Jersey Shore. And along with the amazing beer selections, they also have great food, including Weiner Schnitzel, Potato Pancakes, Kaespatzle, Bratwurst, Kielbasa, Boar Jalapeno Wurst, Beef Goulash, Cheese Curds...and those PRETZELS!

This sounds so yummy and original compared to the same old dishes you find at so many other restaurants! And Bavarian Cream Ice Cream and other awesome desserts, too! But for those who want to stick with something they've heard of (lol) there's everything from burgers to wings, salmon to pulled pork, fish & chips, reubens and vegan sausage.

You can reserve an igloo (must be 21 years of age or older) by calling 732- 997-8767 Tuesdays through Thursdays from 11 am - 5 pm to place your reservation. (They are working on a new online reservation system but it's not up and running yet.)

Asbury Festhalle & Biergarten is located at 527 Lake Ave. in Asbury Park.

Click for Asbury Festhall Biergarten WEBSITE...FACEBOOK PAGE and INSTAGRAM.

See you there!

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