I love going out and eating at Jersey Shore restaurants. Honestly, it's one of my favorite things to do but it's obviously expensive. During the weekdays I try my best to eat at home and thanks to EveryPlate, I am able to do that. This service helps me make affordable, crowd-pleasing meals at home at least three times a week. I have little time to go grocery shopping and I am terrible in the kitchen. EveryPlate gives me the assistance that I need.

However, this is not a promotion for EveryPlate, this article is about the 10 most highly recommended restaurants I still need to eat at in Monmouth County...

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It's Friday night, you just had a long week of work, you don't really want to cook, so where are you going out to dinner?

I have my favorite Monmouth County restaurants. For example, I love Jimmy's Italian Restaurant in Asbury Park. This spot in the heart of Asbury Park is classic and it's a Jersey Shore favorite everyone needs to eat at least once. I also really enjoy going to Sumo Hibachi. This BYOB hibachi spot in Wall Township offers great food and very fun vibes. There really is nothing better than going out with a group of friends and enjoying a night around a giant hibachi grill... Keep scrolling for more!

What about restaurants I still haven't been to? The places below are highly recommended and I still haven't had the chance to try any of them. They are on my restaurant bucket list for 2022. I have heard nothing but great things about all 10 spots. See below!!

Which restaurant on the list is your favorite? Why would you recommend it? COMMENT & SHARE!

The Top 10 Most Highly Recommended Restaurants I Still Need To Eat At In Monmouth County

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