In the words of Kanye West (sort of) "Imma let you finish, Niche, but these are the best places to live in Ocean County, New Jersey!

I was recently scrolling around the internet when I found that a website called Niche listed the 2021 Best Places to live in Ocean County (more on that later).  I really liked where this list was going but there were a few towns that should have been much higher and others should have been music lower.  For example, I felt Toms River should be much higher up than it was.

Seriously, with so many awesome local shops, events like the Halloween Parade and Christmas Tree Lighting, how could Toms River be so low on the list?  What am I missing here or do you agree?

Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels

That website rang a bell and then I realized Lou Russo from our sister station 94.3 the Point saw Niche's data for the 2021 Best Places to live in Monmouth County and also felt it was lacking.

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Are you as fired up as I am?  Good.  I think you're ready to see Niche's list of the 2021 Best Places to Live in Ocean County (which Lou Russo points out was just decided by a bunch of boring data like the census and FBI).

2021 Best Places to Live in Ocean County According to Niche

10. North Beach Haven
9. Manahawkin
8. Toms River
7. Ship Bottom
6. Surf City
5. Lavallette
4. Point Pleasant
3. Beach Haven
2. Point Pleasant Beach
1. Bay Head

When it comes to deciding the best places to live in Ocean County, I think we should leave it up to the people who live there and know and love it best!  So without any further ado, here are our best places to live in Ocean County.

My Top 10 Places to Live in Ocean County

It was hard to decide - Ocean County is full of awesome places to live, but here are the best!

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