In honor of today being Friday the 13th, here are some superstitions that many people won't mess with.

Are you superstitious about anything? Check out this list:

10. Friday the 13th. Considered by some to be a bad luck day.

9. Breaking a wishbone to see who gets the bigger piece. The winner's secret wish is supposed to come true.

8. Saying "Bless You" when someone sneezes. Did you ever stop and think about why you do this? Is it just considered proper etiquette at this point?

7. Beginner's luck. Maybe someone is just naturally talented.

6. Finding a penny, face up. This is supposed to be good luck.

5. Bad news comes in three's. I know LOTS of people who STRONGLY believe in this!

4. Finding a four-leaf clover. (This is actually a rarity that occurs in one out of 10,000 clovers). Finding one is supposed to bring you good luck.

3. Breaking a mirror. That'll cost you seven years of bad luck. Seriously????? Who would put  that on themselves or someone else?

2. Wishing on a Star. I know many people who seriously believe in this....especially if it's a SHOOTING star! Your dreams could come true, they swear.

1. Knocking on wood. This is, by far, the craziest yet most popular one of all!!!!! I see people in the middle of telling a story that will stop mid-sentence until they can find something wooden to knock on to prevent the bad luck from spreading to them!!!

(Honorable mention: Fingers crossed for luck!)

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