As you've heard, flu season is approaching. That changes just about everything at the office.

Listen, I don't want to get sick, so the minute I hear a sneeze or cough, I'm on high alert. Who was it? Was it multiple sneezes? Are they sick? What are they doing at work? Ahh, flu season.

You'll inevitably come across one of our Top 3 Flu Season Etiquette Breakers...

The Allergy Expert. No matter how much this person coughs, sneezes or blows his or her nose, it "allergies". So where exactly did you get your medical degree?

The Co Worker Who Shares. I like sharing like the next guy, but keep your germs to yourself. This is the person who is so weak from the flu that they can't quite get that arm up every time to cover the cough or sneeze. Thanks for sharing.

The Tissue Leaver. Are you kidding me? You just blew your nose into that ripped up little tissue, and now you're going to leave it on your desk? Or in my garbage? Hey buddy, step away from my cubicle!

Honorable mention...

The "I'm Saving My Sick Days For The Tortellini Festival" Guy. Nothing against the festival, but listen, if you have the flu and you have a sick day, take it!

I hope we all stay healthy this flu season, but if you don't, please remember the rules...thank you!






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