This may actually surprise you!

I had the (ahem) 'pleasure' of spending an afternoon at Freehold Raceway Mall. I was there from 11:30 - 3:30 on a weekday -- a time I THOUGHT I would have the place to myself.

And then I realized it was a school holiday (and a rainy day to boot) and the mall was PACKED with the middle school to 12th grade well as parents who brought their younger kids since apparently no one had school.

The food court, of course, was insanely crowded but what I noticed most were that there were 3 crazy-long lines. Two involved food and one did not. I was actually a bit surprised that out of all the stores and eateries, these 3 places DOMINATED an early October week day.

#3: Wendy's. Even after all these years, this place still draws a WAY longer line than what's at most of the other food joints in Freehold Mall.

#2: The Apple Store. Even without the debut of a new product, they had to pull out the velvet rope to line people up who were trying to get into the store. After all, they know you can't go anywhere else around here for Apple stuff.

#1: And the absolute longest line, double the other lines...wrapping its way like a snake around half the restaurant, is Chick fil A!

(Truth be told, I bypassed Apple once I saw the line, thinking that I better get some lunch first so that I wouldn't be hungry waiting in the Apple line. My first thought was that I would rather have a Chick fil A sandwhich than anything else. Until I saw the line. That's when I decided just to go for a piece of pizza at S'barro's instead, lol!)

How long are you willing to wait on a line before you give up and come back another time?!

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