We asked New Jersey residents which town would be the town they'd live in if they could pick any town, and your votes led to the top three New Jersey residents wish they could live in.

We had a huge list of answers, and we thank you for your votes. Three towns stood out when the voting was counted.

Some New Jersey Residents Would Return To Their Hometown

Many of you wanted to live in the town you grew up in, and many just wanted to be at the Jersey Shore.

Here are the top three towns New Jersey residents wish they could live in.

#3 Cape May. It's certainly one of the most historic towns in the state and a tourist destination for travelers worldwide, but a lot of you wish you could plant your roots there permanently.

The Top Two Towns New Jersey Residents Wish They Could Live In

#2 Rumson. As soon as you specify that money is no object, Rumson becomes a dream town for so many of you. And you might even spot Jon Bon Jovi.

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#1 Mantoloking. Anyone who has traveled on Route 35 through Mantolokig on a summer day has a sudden urge to buy a lottery ticket so they can buy their dream beach house there when they win.

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None of these towns would be anything less than awesome choices. There are so many other great towns like Deal, Montclair, Colts Neck, Avalon, and Princeton that got a ton of votes.

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