As the accumulating snow is heading to the Jersey Shore, we all know what we're going to be dealing with on the roads. Slippery conditions and some drivers who missed the "driving in the snow" class.

Let me start by saying a vast majority of us can't stand driving in the snow, and with slippery roads even good drivers can get into some difficult situations. Having said that, we've all seen some drivers who do some pretty bad things on the road when it snows.

The one thing I won't do is criticize slow snow drivers. Honestly, if you're in a hurry driving in the snow, you're probably the dangerous one. Here are some things that drive me crazy though.

The partial cleaner. When you clean the snow off your car before you hit the road, you're supposed to clean it all off. I'd rather not get hit in my windshield by a sheet of snow or ice from the top of your car.

The snow ignorer. This guy gets into his car and intends to get to his destination in the same amount of time that he would on a dry, clear day. Like he's better than the snow or something. Slow down, hot shot!

The tailgater. Is there a driving list this guy isn't on? The tailgater is always an impatient driver who thinks his schedule is more important than yours. In the snow, you can add 'dangerous driver' to his list of accomplishments.

I hope you do not encounter any of these drivers if you have to be on the roads tomorrow, but what are the odds you won't, right?

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