The web is full of videos and photos of baby animals doing nothing but being their adorable selves. Let's face it – we just can't get enough of these cute puppies, kittens, cubs and more! Inspired by Coca Cola's annual Polar Bear Super Bowl Ads, we figured it's a perfect time to share this list of unBEARably adorable polar bear cub videos.

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    “Knut”, Berlin Zoo

    How cute is this video featuring Knut?? He was the first polar bear born at the Berlin Zoo in 30 years and as you can see, he was quite an adorable cub! Check out this video of some of his daily routines, including sleeping with a huge stuffed animal!

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    China's Twin Cubs

    …Because two are better than one! These cubs may just be learning to walk, but they're skilled at being as cute as can be just playing! Watch these two sip bottles and play with their toys…one even gets close enough to play with the camera lens.

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    “Snowball”, Alaska Zoo

    This sweet cub was a rescued orphan of Alaska's North Slope. The way that Snowball drinks her bottle is just too cute for words!

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    “Flocke”, Nuremberg Zoo

    Only 5-weeks-old when this video was released, adorable Flocke is just taking her first movements toward crawling. Just when you think this cub can't get any cuter, she rolls on her back to receive tickles from her zookeeper!

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    Siku, Danish Scandinavian Wildlife Park

    It's hard to pick favorites when you're dealing with such high levels of cuteness, but Siku could possibly be one of the most adorable animals we've ever seen! Thanks to the folks taking care of this cute cub, the public has been able to keep up with Siku's cutest moments with video updates just like this one.

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