A major landmark is now nothing but rubble.

(Photo from Moe Keane)
(Photo from Moe Keane)

The large brick Coca-Cola bottling plant stood on the Asbury Circle for so many years that we probably all took for granted seeing it. Besides, it's no joy ride navigating that circle, so it's not like you could ever really gaze at it for more than a second or two.

What was once a bustling facility has stood empty for decades and some wanted to find a way to demolish it and make way for 'progress.' So, although nothing has been signed, a proposal was made for a new shopping center, clearing the way for the demolition.

But with the amount of traffic already existing on that circle (especially in the summer) it seems insane to put an Aldi and/or 7-Eleven there, but that's what's rumored to be coming.

The proposed shopping site would include 3 buildings (this lot is located at the very eastern edge of the traffic circle, in case you're unfamiliar with the plot we're discussing here) but the planning board hasn't signed off on anything as of this post.

If you are one of those 'lucky' drivers that has the pleasure (ahem) of getting to drive around the Asbury Circle on a regular basis, then you feel my pain. Although I am used to knowing which lane to be in at which particular moment depending on where I have to enter and exit this hellish circle, that doesn't make it any easier.

Because driving around that circle still exposes you to the clueless tourists that have no idea how to drive, navigate a circle, or MERGE.

There is so little room for error on that circle that drivers should have to take online lessons and pass a test about how this circle functions before ever being allowed on it!

So how the HECK is anyone considering allowing new business to be built there? I can't even imagine how much more painful it will become to avoid an accident there.

And they call that progress.

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