When you think of shopping at J.C. Penney you probably think of clothing and accessories. Soon, you will think of getting that new outfit and maybe even pick up…wait for it…toys!

I remember when my Mom would take me shopping, I would always get lost in the toy department. It was a win-win situation. I wouldn’t be bored and my Mom could shop in peace. Nobody wants to hear “Are you done yet?!” every 30 seconds. So, J.C. Penney will be opening up permanent toy shops within its department stores.

The retailer already added toys in 100 stores just in time for the back to school shopping crowd. The new in-store attraction will have dolls, action figures, board games and learning sets. Now you’ll be able to get your Hasbro, Mattel and Fisher Price fix at your local J.C. Penney.

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