If you've never been to a Tractor Supply Co., just know it's not your average "home improvement" store. Oh, and they don't sell tractors.

On Saturday July 13, Tractor Supply Co. will open in Middletown at the corner of Harmony Road and Route 35. Staples will be its new neighbor.

The store is designed for people with a "rural lifestyle." Customers are welcome to bring their pets while they shop. Not just dogs and cats. Pigs and goats are cool too.

So, what can you buy at a Tractory Supply Co.? First and foremost, feed, food and supplies for all types of animals and pets. They also take care of the "do-it-yourselfers" with tools, hardware and products for home gardeners. Plus there is denim. Lots and lots of denim.

The store manager of Tractor Supply Co. told APP that they will be working with breeders of all kinds and local animal shelters. Also, for backyard farmers, twice a year the store will sell baby chicks, ducks, and turkeys.

The manager summed up Tractor Supply Co. best when he said that they are "kind of the opposite of Home Depot."

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