The rumors of a Trader Joe's opening up in Brick have been floating around for quite some time. However, now we have more clarity on the situation.

UPDATE: According to Brick Patch, Trader Joe's has confirmed interest! Here's a statement.

We are interested in bringing a store to that location and are taking the necessary steps to make that happen. However, plans are not finalized. I look forward to sharing additional information if/when there's more to share.

I spotted this Facebook post on March 22.

Notice in the caption it's mentioned that the Mayor spoke of the possibility of a Trader Joe's. Well, according to my sources, Trader Joe's Brick is all but a done deal. They are set to open where Ethan Allen used to be.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The first thing I thought was that parking is going to be tight unless they open up additional space. But, heck, it's Trader Joe's.

Trader Joe's has been around since the 50s and offers unique products and significant savings without sales, or "clubs" to join. This would be the first Ocean County location. Monmouth has a store in Shrewsbury.

Check out this list from Delish of the "must-buy" items for 2019. People rave about the Cookie Butter and "Everything But the Bagel" sesame seasoning.

Is this opening 100% set in stone? No. I do not have official confirmation, however, many different sources have confirmed the Brick addition.

As always, I'm keeping an "I'll believe it when I see it" stance on this, or at least until the town makes an "official announcement."

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