During the winter months, things are a little calmer up and down 35.  Most know this route but if you don’t this is the area that includes locations like Seaside Heights, Lavallette, Ortley Beach, and Mantoloking.

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One thing you may notice, whether you are a resident, have a beach house for the summer, or rentals that you have to take care of during the off-season to get ready for the summer months, is the drive is a little less hectic.

So many reasons why right?  First, many businesses along 35 are closed for the season.  You don’t see the number of people jumping in and out of retail.

You also don’t have as many tourists coming down.

A few do, but not the volume during the late fall, winter, and early spring that you would normally see between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Something else you may notice; the speed limit changes on 35 south from 35 to 45.  This allows people to travel up and down the island with ease.

Finally, all of the traffic lights are set to permanent caution.  What a sight after the season is over a sea of blinking, yellow lights.

It is a much welcome sight.

When you see the lights make the switch, you know calmer times are ahead.

Today, Good Friday, April 15th there was one major change, as I was driving down 35 heading towards 37 to go into Toms River, I saw a green light, and then a red, and then a few more greens.

It was very clear; the lights are now active.

This means only one thing; the summer season is upon us.  This also means tourists, and more seasonal retail coming alive in the next few weeks.


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