The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) made an announcement yesterday that backyard trampolines are too dangerous and that use of them should be 'strongly discouraged.'

When did kids become our great-grandmother's good china?

Can't take it out, what if it gets a chip?!

Flickr user Xadrian

When I was a kid, we played outside, we jumped off tall things, we fell off trampolines...and yes, we got hurt.

You know what? We survived.

We learned that sometimes things hurt, and sometimes things leave scars. Everytime you look at a scar, you remember that lesson.

How is that a bad thing?

Yes, there are plenty of kids who suffer devastating injuries from things like trampoline falls and jumps off monkey bars...but what about kids who turn into 20-year-olds that are too afraid to do anything?

We are all going to get hurt at some point or another...a stubbed toe, a scratch, a burn...maybe even a broken arm or leg.

Sure, it is a parent's job to keep their child as safe as possible...but are we going too far?

We all know kids who ate dirt, drank from the hose, and lived to tell the story. (I know, I know, 'it's a different world now...')

I'm not a parent, and I don't know what it's like to worry about a child...I do know what it's like to have fun as a kid though. I made bad and risky decisions every now and then...I think I turned out okay.

Don't we owe it to our kids to let them do stupid things every now and then?

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