I think we need a little time to honor our heroes who bravely fought for America in the Korean War. The Korean War lasted almost exactly three years. Beginning June, 25th 1950 and lasting until July, 27th 1953. The war saw North Korea (backed by China and Soviet Union) against forces from South Korea (backed by the United Nations). Nearly 5 million people died during the Korean War.

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Many of you know a Korean War veteran, my Father served in the United States Navy during the war. Most Korean War Veterans are Fathers, Mothers and/or Grandparents as they are getting up in age. It is time for us to thank them for their contribution to keep freedom alive. There are many Korean War Veterans around New Jersey and the Nation and as they get older it’s nice to remember them.


Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels


One way to honor and remember is to visit the  New Jersey Korean War Memorial in Atlantic City. I bring this up because I was just in Atlantic City on the Boardwalk when we stopped to look and remember Korean War Veterans at Brighton Park home to the memorial.

The memorial was dedicated November 13th 2000. It honors the nearly 191,000 troops that served from New Jersey. It stands where Park Place meets the boardwalk in Atlantic City.

If you are strolling the boardwalk stop by and check out and pay your respects to the men and women who served. As the inscription reads “Freedom is Not Free”

National Korean War Veterans Armistice Day Is July 27th this month. 


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