Did you hear a loud explosion earlier this morning?

Well if you did, you have some impressive hearing because the big bang I am talking about took place down in Atlantic City around 9:00 AM this morning.

I'm sure you know what event I am talking about.

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That's right, the former Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City was destroyed earlier this morning at 9:00 AM sharp....and the entire thing was caught on video.

This footage is wild. Take a look below and if you want to jump ahead to the big boom, skip to the 4:00 minute mark.

My only major complaint is that I was not the one who got to press the button.

This became a bit of an event for Atlantic City this morning.

The public was allowed to attend the implosion by watching from Bader Field. There was a fee of $10 per car.

People could watch from outside their cars but they had to remain next to their car so social distancing measures could be kept in place.

But dang --- imagine being there to see this type of stunt  in person.

In case you have to head down to the Atlantic City area at some point today, CLICK HERE to take a look at the road map provided by Atlantic City release so you can avoid road and sidewalk closures as well as other detours.

Take a look at Patch.com to check out the original source for this article.

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