There could be another round of $300 weekly unemployment checks coming our way in the Garden State.

The reason behind these additional payments is because some applicants who should have received financial assistance were missed the first time around.

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In order to receive payment, New Jerseyans who qualified had to "certify through email or text" that their unemployment was indeed related to the pandemic by October 16th. If this step in the process was not completed, money was not sent.

“Since the payments made to New Jerseyans to date did not exhaust our FEMA Lost Wage Assistance, we are developing a process for remaining claimants who may be eligible but did not select a COVID-related reason for their unemployment to do so,” said Labor Commissioner Robert Asaro-Angelo.

However, once the second round of $300 weekly unemployment payments open up again, those who are eligible will be sent an email or text notifying them that they once again need to certify.

The only problem is no one is really sure when the second round will open up.

There was another error. One of the requirements to receive this additional money was to have, "a weekly benefit rate of at least $100, but the computer only recognized workers who collected more than $100 those weeks."

As a result, "the programming did not 'capture all the date to make full payment,' which affected about 3% of claimants."
Officials are estimating that approximately 88,000 residents are still eligible to receive this unemployment help.

As a reminder, the maximum amount each New Jersey resident could receive for this round of unemployment is $1,800.

This money is being sent out to those who were unemployed between August 1st for September 5th but for CORONAVIRUS-related reasoning only.

If you are relying on this money to get by, just try and hold is coming.

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