Valentine’s Day will be here sooner than you know it. Like as in 7 days from today. Have you given it some thought as to what you want to get your significant other? Are ya tired of the same old chocolates, flowers and jewelry gifts? I know that I personally am grateful for any gift I get, but I just love it when the gifts I get are unique. It doesn’t take a genius to know what the likes and dislikes of your partner are. Take for instance, if your partner has an allergy to nuts, getting them candy with nuts in it, is probably not the way to go. I speak from experience.

What gift may be considered unique you ask? Let me share a few awesome and thoughtful gifts that I have received in the past. Remember when the Giants beat the Patriots? I was given the most awesome sweatshirt blanket with the score and teams on it along with a Giants t-shirt. I absolutely love that blankie! Yes, I said blankie…don’t judge me.

I have also received tickets to a Yankees game and a Yankees t-shirt. As a diehard Yankees fan, that gift, made me feel the love for sure. I have a few tattoos and had the itch to get a new one, so I have received a gift certificate to a tattoo shop. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

I understand that most girls are not like me, so the above gifts may be a no go, but does she like bacon though? How about a bacon bouquet? You can find them online. What about a couple’s massage at a spa?  For the love of the Jersey Shore, how about a heart shaped pizza or heart shaped pork roll? Or maybe even some sea glass jewelry? Mani/pedi’s for two? The sky is the limit if you just learn about your partner.

Having troubles in your relationship? How about a trip to therapy or an envelope with a pen attached and divorce papers inside?   Only if you live that savage life. Hopefully I didn’t just add fuel to your fire. Or maybe I just gave you the courage to bounce out on that toxic relationship. Either way, Happy Valentine’s Day.

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