Troublemakers have been targeting the "Jersey Shore" house in Seaside Heights...and I'm not even talking about the cast.

So what have people been doing to the house?

According to TMZ, it's been mostly writing names and fan-type things like "We love you, Snooki!" on the walls.

The realtor has reportedly been repainting on a weekly basis...which makes little to no sense at all. Repainting just creates a blank canvas for more vandalism, no?

It's apparently getting so bad that cops are being asked to step up patrols and extra security has been hired to keep people from doing stupid things like taking roof shingles. (Really, people? Shingles??)

I could think of lots of things I'd like to write on that house, and it wouldn't be "We Love You"...

So if you could send a message to "Jersey Shore" from the REAL Jersey Shore...what would you write?

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