Not that we need more reasons to be happy that summer is here, but I thought a few visual reminders would be a good thing. Here are three visual reasons to love summer.


Visual Reason #3

Snow in Toms River
Snow in Toms River (Dan Alexander, Townsquare Media NJ)

Trying to figure out where the actual parking spots are in the office parking lot. not a fun way to start the day. and if it's still snowing when you get there, you'll have to dig the car out twice in the same workday. Ugh.


Visual Reason #2

Expected snow totals from Monday's storm
Expected snow totals from Monday's storm (NWS)

The forecast map. The predicted totals for an upcoming storm laid out in a simple and informative way. It's a critical tool to prepare for the storm. I was sick of them by mid-December.


Visual Reason #1


Snow plows. Snowy roads. Icy roads. But was anything worse than the visit from the polar vortex?

So there they are. Three photographic reasons to grab summer 2014 for and hold on for dear life. Hey Jersey Shore....welcome to summer!!!


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