It has been awesome awarding local businesses and individuals into our exclusive Point Platinum Club. The Point Platinum Club showcases the best of the best at the Jersey Shore and each winner is voted by you. When we love something at the Jersey Shore it's clear we do whatever it takes to show our support. Local Jersey Shore pride is a beautiful thing!

As I write this article, I think of all the wonderful times I have had at many of these night clubs. Some of my favorites of course are screaming Mariah Cary's "All I Want For Christmas is You" in D'Jais during the middle of summer and of course taking advantage of the open bar at The Headliner for New Years Eve. I DEFINITELY GOT MY MONEYS WORTH. It is important to note that these places can be a crazy night out but many offer great food and attractions. For example, I played in a volleyball league at The Headliner this summer! My team didn't win one game but I looked forward to every Thursday night throughout the summer! Each Jersey Shore night club nominated is special and brings a unique type of fun for all of us.

Now more than ever our local night clubs need our votes! It has been a tough pandemic for all of our nominees. To think a few nominees on the list were closed this summer is crazy! Share this post with your friends, family, co- workers and whoever else wants their vote count! VOTE NOW!!

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