New Jersey isn't one of them, but several states have rules in place that allow folks to not only vote in their hometown, but where they own a seasonal home as well. Gov. Chris Christie wouldn't mind if the Garden State jumps on board, as long as the proper protections are in place.

Ethan Miller, Getty Images

Questioned by the owner of a summer home in Ocean City during his town hall on August 14, Christie admitted seasonal residents are right to want a say in the towns of their second home.

"They have a big stake in this state," Christie said. "And their ability to be able to vote in their municipal elections, to be able to have a voice for the men and women who govern the town where they own property - I think is a pretty significant interest."

He noted seasonal owners make significant contributions to the economy, including property taxes on more than one home.

Christie's main concern, however, is voter fraud. He said he'd consider a change if it were coupled with legislation that can reliably track who's voting in more than one district.

"There are enough loopholes already that help to encourage voter fraud," he said.