One of the many things that make Wawa awesome is the ability to customize an order just the way you like it.

Thanks to the power of the touchscreen, there are thousands of delicious Wawa possibilities.

With the Wawa conversation surrounding leaving the car for the store while filling up heating up, I figured let's lighten things up a little bit.

What is your wacky Wawa order? Wawa posted a generator on their Facebook page.

I was born in August which gives me spicy to start. M for Matt gives me meatball hoagie. So my wacky Wawa order is 'spicy meatball hoagie.' That's mild compared to some of the other possibilities.

Nancy Reamy was born in February so she started off with 'chocolate-y.' N for Nancy gave her New England Clam Chowder. Chocolate-y New England Clam Chowder. Ew. She was not a fan. Can you blame her?

Tell me what your wacky Wawa order is in the comment section below!

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