I understand that this topic can be very divisive.

I understand we all have different opinions on it.

But please understand that as I write this piece, my heart is breaking thinking about all of the parents who are in the process of planning a burial for their child.

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I am going to assume that everyone has heard of the mass shooting that took place at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas.

This one hit different because at least 19 young children were among those lost. These kids only spent one short decade on planet Earth with us.


Over this past weekend alone, there were another 13 mass shootings that took place across the country that resulted in at least 12 fatalities and 70 injured according to CNN.com.

These acts of violence took place in Philly, Tennessee, South Carolina and Texas (again). Shooters targeted graduation parties, nightclubs and even strip malls.

#EnoughisEnough went trending on Twitter recently and now, a large group of people across the country are prepared to peacefully protest the lack of gun control laws in our country.

There have been 246 mass shootings in the United States in 2022 alone. Let that sink in.

The protest is being called March For Our Lives and here is what it is all about according to their website:

"Yes! March For Our Lives is marching once again on June 11, 2022. After countless mass shootings and instances of gun violence in our communities, it’s time to take back to the streets and march for our lives. We marched in 2018 after the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas in Parkland, Florida, and now we’re headed back to DC. Join us on June 11th in Washington, D.C., or in one of our hundreds of local marches on the same day, across the nation."

Just like 2018, people of all ages across the country are planning to walk the streets on June 11th to say they are not okay to let things continue on as they are.


A massive group will be walking in Washington D.C., but local protests are happening across New Jersey for those who prefer not to travel as far.

If you are not okay with what is happening, I encourage you to participate.

Peaceful protests may not be the loudest and most physically noticed, but I personally believe they can be the most effective.

I put together all the protests happening in New Jersey.

That way if you plan on attending, you can go to the one that works best for you:

2022 March For Our Lives Protested Taking Place At The Jersey Shore

On June 11th, people everywhere are planning a walk out to protest the lack of gun control laws in the USA. Here are the ones near you:

This frivolous loss of lives needs to stop.

Enough is enough and it is time for change NOW.

For more information on this upcoming protest, CLICK HERE.

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