There's really one cardinal rule that women need to remember in relationships: you can't change a man.

If you think that rule is completely false, then MTV is looking for you!

They're casting for a new episode of the docu-series True Life: I Need to Change My Man.

MTV True Life

They're looking for people from 16-30 for the show, so if your man does something that drives you up the wall, and you think you'd both be better off by changing him, you're probably delusional, and also EXACTLY what MTV is looking for.

Seriously though, maybe he always cuts his toenails and the dinner table in restaurants, or refuses to wear deodorant, in which case, you should definitely sign up for this...for all of our sakes.

If you're interested, e-mail your name, phone number, town, a recent photo, and your story to

And please, if you make it on the show, don't make the Jersey Shore look worse than we already do on MTV.

Have you ever wanted to be on a TV show? Tell us which one in the comment section below!

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