This looks like it's likely to affect the Parkway entrance ramps in Red Bank, but here are the details for you to interpret.

On or about March 12th (this Thursday) beginning at 6 am, those traveling on Newman Springs Road and Half Mile Road should expect delays while navigating the new traffic pattern that construction has been leading to in that area of the Parkway entrance and exit ramps, according to sources.

On Newman Springs Road eastbound, the ramp for Half Mile Road will be closed. Those heading for Half Mile Road will instead turn left at the intersection of Newman Springs Road. And if you're heading for the Parkway North entrance from that direction, you'll be using Schulz Drive.

So be prepared to follow the detour signs and beware of the new traffic light patterns.

HERE'S A MAP of what's taking place.

If you know of any shortcuts or back road alternative routes that you're willing to share (lol), let us know!

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