It's hard to scroll through your feed without seeing someone posting a pic of themselves as an elderly person. Seems harmless, and it may be, but there are some things you should know.

This Face App is basically a privacy nightmare. When you post your "old" photo, you're giving the app permission to access all altered and non-altered photos on your device. Is this app actually accessing your pics? There's no way to tell. But it's important to know they can.

Another red flag should be that the Face App was made by a Russian company that claims they are operating a server in the United States. Oh yeah, all Face App pics are stored on your phone...and a giant server developed by a Russian company.

I don't mean to get all conspiracy theory on you, but it's something to think about before you download the app. I mean is Putin creating a facial recognition database? Probably not. But again, he could.

If nothing else, it's worth looking into where your pics could be going when using face altering apps, or any app in general.

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