Was losing weight on your list of New Years resolutions? How's it going so far. Shedding the pounds is not easy. I'm still trying to figure out what works for me. Check out this woman's awesome plan that paid off for he big time. No pun intended.


LeKeisha Shurn tried healthy eating and all of the yo-yo diets with no luck. Finally she decided that she was going to take her weight loss to the extreme.

LeKeisha went to the gym for 100 days straight. The story could end there and it would be amazing. But LeKeisha documented her progress by filming her workouts. Well, it worked out. Shrum is started at a size 28 and is now a 22. She lost 18 pounds!

LeKeisha's determination continued in the year that followed with a total weight loss of 50 pounds.

Watch this very cool compilation of LeKeisha's journey.